Extension and accessories

F1 steering Wheel

Our simulators have a Logitech steering wheel as a standard equipment. A high-quality handmade steering wheel Roso, similar to the ones used in the F1 racing cars, can be an option for our models. The steering wheel is made out of carbon fibers, stainless steel and aluminium. It features a multifunctional display, shift and a clutch paddles, 12 programmable buttons and 8 rotary switches in total. Moreover, it includes the quick release boss and the grips wrapped in a real leather.

By the controls on the steering wheel you can change the settings of the car during the ride, as it is in case of real F1 cars (if game allows).



Gear shift

Gear shift can be added beside the steering wheel for manual shifting up and down.

Racing pedals

The standard equipment of our simulators are the Logitech pedals, which are very popular among players of computer games.  For an even better feeling of riding on the simulator, we offer a premium high-end pedals (based on Fanatec ClubSport pedals) with the following characteristics:

  • solid aluminum construction which feels like in a real racing cars
  • vibration feedback motion on the brake pedal to indicate blocking tires
  • contactless magnetic high-precision sensors on accelerator and clutch (unlimited lifetime)
  • pressure sensitive load cell sensor on the brake (braking intensity depends on the force to the pedal and not the position of the pedal)


Hand brake

A real racer can not win without the handbrake!



Handbrake in action!



Protective cover

Cotton fabric cover to protect the simulator during transport or when not in use. The cover is sewn to completely cover a folded simulator.


TV cover

Cover to hide all cables and devices that are on the back of the TV. Cover also creates a area for your logo, contact information or advertising.


Transport wheels

If you plan to transport simulator to different places, we offer a transport wheels that allow easy handling of the simulator in the folded state.


Porsche 911 GT3 RS Wheel

The steering wheel looks the same as the original Porsche wheel because it is manufactured under the Porsche license and is designed for very demanding customers. Ideally including buying racing pedals. This beauty boasts the following features:

  • Steering wheel rim (diameter 300mm) wrapped in Italian leather, which is identical to the leather used on the original Porsche cars
  • 3 motors (550 motor MABUCHI RS + 2 Force Feedback motors to simulate the vibration), which are responsible for the most realistic behavior
  • Extra smooth and silent belt drive without mechanical dead zone
  • High resolution wheel sensor
  • Original metal Porsche logo