• 3 moving legs
  • Rotation base
  • 3x 27" 2D LED displays with panorama view
  • Professional racing seat
  • Racing steering wheel - X-RIDER based sport wheel
  • X-RIDER based sports pedals
  • Static overload (G-force) = up to 0.5G
  • Dynamic overload = up to 2G



Enhanced car model with 3 moving legs, rotation base, 3x 27" 2D LED displays with panorama view, professional racing seat, racing steering wheel, 3 pedals (accelerate, brake, clutch). Recomended for the real car simulation.

Simulator gets the data about the position of a car, speed, G-force, etc. from a game and moves a cockpit using these data. You feel a characteristics like in the real car - inclination in turns, trembling via terrain or asphalt, G-force overload in acceleration, braking or turns of up to 2G. You feel like driving a  real car.

The simulator can simulate a lot of races - f.e: rally, a racing track with sports cars or special racing cars, formula one and more to many real and virtual tracks.

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